Several projects are underway
including 1 priority
Becoming an eco-responsible campsite!

Inspired by sustainability and respect for the environment, we aim for green initiatives:

Manage our waste better

  • Setting up a composter
  • Provision of waste sorting garbage cans
  • Shredding and mulching our green waste

More respect for the environment

  • Use of environmentally-friendly cleaning products.
  • Training our teams in the eco-friendly gestures to be respected in their daily tasks
  • Pesticide-free maintenance

Save water

  • Installation of energy-saving showerheads
  • Installation of mousseur

Saving energy

  • Installation of LED technology lighting
  • Installation of electric slow-charge stations

Working with local fabrics

  • Grocery store with 100% local produce
  • Celebrating local artists and know-how
  • Local, organic and vegetarian products in our bar/snack bar
  • Choosing our partners and suppliers on the basis of their sustainable and social commitments.